Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami, FL

Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami is a two-story outdoor shopping center filled with plenty of restaurants, shops, and kiosks to entertain you; it is a popular spot usually taken over by tourists, local teenagers, and Heat fans before or after the games. Bayside is located in between Bayfront Park and the Heat Arena; the proximity of Bayside to the American Airlines Arena creates more buzz for Bayside than what it has during the NBA’s off-season, which puts into perspective how many of the Bayside visitors are from the basketball games. In the marketplace, you’ll often see an unusually large number of citizens rocking heat gear and in a great mood, getting ready for their favorite team’s game. Aside from the overwhelming number of Heat fans, the marketplace is also a local favorite spot for festivals that are either annual or a one-off. The Visitor Bureau of Miami names Bayside Marketplace as the number one most visited destination in Miami- coming from a local, that’s pretty hard to believe. Although Bayside is an entertaining outdoor mall, the city of Miami has much more to offer. 

However, Bayside is full of attractions.

To name a few:

  • Bayride Tours: Bayride Tours offers local night and day cruises with specials for large groups
  • Bayside Tour Boat: Bayside Tour Boat has sightseeing tours around the coast of Miami as well as speed boats to enjoy a fast ride around the water
  • Bike & Roll Miami: Bike & Roll is a fun and safe way to see the city. This comes with a tour guide to teach you about the history of Miami as well as point out the major sites to see. You can take as many photos as you’d like and stop to see whatever you want. You can Bike & Roll during the day as well as night 
  • Biscayne Lady: Biscayne Lady is a yacht that you can charter, have dinner on, entertain friends, or even throw a special party. Reach out in advance to book your charter 
  • Captain Jimmy’s Fiesta: Captain Jimmy’s is strictly a party boat. Although times are changing and partying is harder to come by, keeping a safe, small group of people on the boat will ensure both a fun and hassle-free time
  • Charter Fishing with Captain Jimmy Lewis: Like charter fishing? Well, you’re in luck! Right in the heart of Bayside is Jimmy Lewis. You can head over to him to book your fishing charter 

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