Enjoy a Day Out on the Water

The average person will never be able to afford to buy a yacht. Thankfully, renting for a day is always an option! If you’re interested in doing so, there are a few things you should be aware of.
Take A Look At What You’ll Be Chartering
You shouldn’t make any assumptions about the boat that you’re going to be renting. You should actually take the time to look at it so that you can see if you’ll be satisfied with it. Some of them are older in great condition while there are others are new but in beat-up condition because of the way they don’t take care of it. Boats are a big responsibility and you will definitely notice a difference when you see one that is constantly taken care of, compared to one that no one overlooks.
In some cases, charters in Miami may not be available with some of the features that are important to you. In other situations, it could be in poor condition. When you’re renting, it’s wise to know what you are getting into. Take a closer look at the Captain, crew and company that’s renting it to you.
Make Sure You Know What You’ll Be Paying
Before you agree to rent, you should take a look at all of the costs that you’ll be covering. Don’t just look at the base price of a charter; check to see if there are any additional costs that you will have to cover. The prices for a rental vary a moderate amount; if you’re going to charter in Miami it will probably be about at least $500 more than if you were to charter one in Fort Lauderdale; and that’s only a 30 min difference in distance! It’s all about location and what the yacht owners are willing to charter for.
In some cases, companies will require you to pay a refundable security deposit. In other cases, you may have to spend additional money to staff it. You won’t want to be caught off guard by any of these expenses, especially if the budget you are working with is tight. Check to see what you will have to spend in order to get the yacht that you want.
Read The Fine Print
When you agree to rent from a rental company, you’re entering into a contract with them. You should never sign a contract unless you have read it. You should read the contract from start to finish before you agree to sign it.
Before you sign a contract, you need to find out what that contract says. Check to see if you are comfortable with the terms of the contract. If you find something objectionable in the contract, you should contact the company and see if you can have the contract amended.
There are plenty of options for charters in Miami. If you’ve always dreamed of spending a weekend on one, you can easily make that dream a reality. Start looking into Miami yacht charters and see if there are any that stand out to you.